Growing with Grace has decided to cease onsite production of compost from local green waste as it is not financially viable. This is due to number of factors, the main ones being the cost of maintaining equipment and the reduced quantities of green waste being collected by Craven District Council since the introduction of collection charges.

The Growing with Grace Management Committee are very disappointed that we have had to take the decision to stop producing compost. We are looking at other options in the short term to include buying-in similarly certified compost produced in North Yorkshire, and an option for setting up a community composting & demonstration unit where local people can leave green waste or learn more about home composting. Let us know what you think?

In the meantime we regret GwG cannot accept any further green waste from local residences.

Over 7,000 people across Craven have signed up for the green waste collection service, at less than 55p a week. The collection vehicle is still passing your door! We urge local people to support this service as a means of demonstrating good environmental practice.